Let’s picture this – the stage looks neat and inviting, with the podium and all nameplates set in place. The venue’s doors await the arrival of your delegates and enthusiastic attendees. You’ve invited the most accomplished of guest speakers from around the world and we are looking forward to hearing them over the course of your event. How perfect would it be if you had an eloquent sutradhaar and anchor binding the day together, just as a thread binds the beads of a necklace together? Well, look no further because you’ve reached Niharika’s website. Whether it’s conferences on cyber law, entrepreneurship, or any subject under the sun for that matter; or your organization’s annual event with rewards and recognitions; whether it’s a high-profile launch event or a content-rich literature festival – at all places, Niharika is who she is at her best – an effortless presenter and your go-to sutradhar.

  • Watch Niharika in action at some of her latest events