Meet Niharika

Niharika hails from Delhi and always looks forward to traveling to newer places for work. She began her career 4 years ago as a music presenter with All India Radio, New Delhi. She continues to be on their primary channel FM Gold as an English Presenter. Her educational background as a Commerce graduate from Delhi University and as a post-graduate (MA) in Journalism and Mass communication has greatly enhanced her ability to curate and present good content, helped her build interdisciplinary knowledge, and develop great interpersonal skills.
Full of interesting stories throughout her journey, not many know that she turned down a lucrative job offer at KPMG right after her graduation, in order to take a chance at her passion.  Niharika is always driven with a strong sense of “Why” and her thorough preparation ensures success at any event she hosts. 
She loves to unwind with a good book at the end of the day.